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Experience a comprehensive range of port agency services tailored to meet your diverse needs. Our offerings include full ship agency services for seamless cargo operations, owners protective agency (OPA) to safeguard your interests, and expert husbandry services to cater to all vessel and crew requirements. Additionally, we excel in ship-to-ship cargo operations (STS), bunker call services, dry docking agency support, offshore ship agency solutions, and ship lay-up agency services. With our proven expertise and unwavering commitment, we provide efficient and reliable port services that exceed your expectations in Oman.

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Port Agency Services in Oman

Our port agency service offers comprehensive support for vessel operations, including efficient cargo handling, seamless crew changes, and streamlined customs procedures. With our industry expertise and attention to detail, we ensure smooth port calls and optimized logistics. Trust us to navigate the complexities of port agency, saving you time and providing reliable support for hassle-free operations.

  • arrival planning
  • All In-Port services
  • Post Departure follow up
  • Minimize cost – PDA/RDA/FDA
  • Statement Of Facts (SOF) to protect owners interest
  • 24/7 availability during cargo operations
  • Crew Change
  • CTM (Cash to Master)
  • Ship Spare Parts Delivery
  • Fresh Water Supply
  • Supply Hiring Tug Boats 
  • Ship Store Supply

Cargo Operation in the open sea at Anchorage (The receiving ship is called the Daughter Vessel and the delivering vessel is called STBL (Ship to be lightered) or Mother Vessel).

  • Pre-arrival planning
  • All In-Port services
  • Post Departure follow up
  • Pre-arrival planning
  • All In-Port services
  • Post Departure follow up
  • Planning before arrival
  • All In-Port services during Dry Docking
  • Departure Arrangements
Concerned authorities, suppliers and service providers: Vessel’s Master
  • Owner’s Superintendent
  • Dry-doc
  • Workshops and Technicians
  • Class Surveyors
  • Classification Society
  • Supply and anchorage coordination
  • Custom formalities
  • Procurement and Vendor Management
  • Dry-docking maintenance and repair
  • Crewing and husbandry maters
  • Brokerage support
  • Identification of lay-up locations
  • Logistics support
  • Technical management
  • Crewing, Dehumidification
  • Surveillance
  • Reactivation preparation

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