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Best Marine Services Company in Oman

We are a trusted provider of comprehensive marine services in Oman. Our offerings include cargo handling, inspections, surveys, certifications, and operational support. With expertise in areas such as cargo loading/unloading, inspections, and certifications, we ensure the efficient and secure movement of your goods. Our services also cover lashing, draft and ullage surveys, hold inspections, hatch covers, on/off hire bunker surveys, vessel condition surveys, P&I cargo and insurance surveys, and more. We prioritize compliance, reliability, and operational excellence to support your maritime operations effectively.

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Ship Marine Survey & Inspection Services in Oman

With our industry knowledge, we provide a wide range of wide-ranging solutions to support and improve your operations. Our services aim to fit your specific needs and provide seamless support for your nautical activities, from ensuring efficient cargo handling to offering dependable inspections and certifications.

DSMS is able to provide the specialize international vendors and suppliers for the maritime field as below :

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